Earn Rewards for Helping Santee Cooper Maintain Reliability During Periods of High Energy Demand

SmartRewards is a demand response program that enables us to partner with you – our customers – to maintain reliability, manage electricity costs and reduce carbon emissions.

After you enroll, we’ll install a small device (switch) near your home’s central heating and cooling system and/or electric water heater. Then during periods of peak demand or system constraints, we’ll cycle your equipment off and on temporarily to reduce electricity demand. Participants usually don’t notice any change in their home’s comfort and can opt out of two events per season.

Earn up to $100 your first year!

Combined Central Heating and Cooling System & Water Heater
Central Heating & Cooling System Electric Water Heater
First Year Bill Credits* $100 $55 $35
Each Additional Year $50 $25 $15

*Includes bill credit after switch installation plus annual bill credit. Incentives above are for single-family participants only. Learn about multifamily participation.

Hear from a Participant

SmartRewards Webinar

SmartRewards Overview