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Earn Rewards for Helping Santee Cooper Maintain Reliability During Periods of High Energy Demand

SmartRewards is a demand response program that enables us to partner with you – our customers – to maintain reliability, manage electricity costs and reduce carbon emissions.

After you enroll, we’ll install a small device (switch) near your home’s central heating and cooling system and/or electric water heater. Then during periods of peak demand or system constraints, we’ll cycle your equipment off & on temporarily to reduce electricity demand. Participants usually don’t notice any change in their home’s comfort and can opt out of two events per season.

Earn up to 100$ your first year!

Both HVAC & Water Heater
Central Heating & Cooling System Electric Water Heater
First Year Bill Credit $100 $55 $35
Each Additional Year $50 $25 $15

*Incentives above are for single-family participants only. Learn about multifamily participation…

Hear from a Participant

SmartRewards Overview